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The Complaint/conflict Resolution Policy Framework(CRPF) intends to ensure mutually fair and open negotiations between the shrimp farm(s) and stakeholders.
Each farm has a Complaint/conflict Resolution Policy Framework (CRPF).
Each farm will have a sign at their gate stating a contact number by phone and an email address
Each farm will have complaint forms available at the office and/or entrance gate to report a complaint.
Each farm has a designated employee and an alternate, which are trained to take down a complaint.
Complaints/conflicts have to be documented by the complainant: description of the event, location (precise description or map and/or GPS coordinates), pictures if available, witnesses if present, and duration of the event as far as known.
Non-documented events cannot be filed.


Become a Member

All owners engaged in the business of growing shrimp, in all or any of the stages of their life-cycle, for the purpose of commercial sale shall be eligible for membership of the Association and may apply to the Board of Directors to be admitted as Full Member of the Association.

Any person (natural or artificial) who is eligible shall make written application to the Board of Directors to be admitted to membership and shall submit with his application the following:
a) In the case of a limited liability company or limited partnership, a copy of a current certificate of good standing issue by the Registrar;
b) The written recommendation of two Members of the Association, supporting the application;
c) Evidence that the applicant has a legal interest in the land upon which his operations are conducted;
d) A copy of a development plan outlining summarily the nature of the programme to be carried out or being carried out by the applicant;
e) Evidence that an environmental impact study in respect of the development plan has been commissioned; and
f) Evidence of the source of the applicant´s shrimp or fish

On receipt of an application for membership, the Board of Directors shall within thirty days submit to the full membership of the Association a recommendation upon the application for consideration at a General Meeting of the Association

Membership shall only be granted upon the approval of the members of the Association by simple majority vote, and upon payment of the prescribed subscription fee.